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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sony a900 & Sony 28-75mm f2.8 Test : Suwannabhumi Airport The Gateway to Thailand

The control tower...apparently was the tallest in the world at one point

I have always found the atmosphere inside airports to be...comforting, there is just something unique about it. I guess everywhere else in the world there are always two groups of people, locals (those that belongs there) and outsiders (tourists for example). Inside an airport though everyone are tourists, no one belongs and no one standout. There is also an air of excitement that surrounds the place. People are looking forward to either embarking on a journey or returning home.

Whatever happened to the tourist dress code of T-shirts and sandals?

So the other day when some friends asked (begged) me to pick them up from the airport I thought I might as well take along a camera so I would have something to do while waiting for their plane to land. That's another thing I like about airports. I am usually really shy about doing "street" type photography, especially when using a large camera like a DSLR. It always makes me feel very self-conscious like everybody is looking at me. In an airport  full of tourists though, people walking around taking photos wouldn't get a second glance.

Now THIS is a Tourist

So after disguising myself as a tourist I managed to take a few photos in what little time I had before having to go act as a taxi driver for my friends. Taking photos, and looking back at them, really made me realize the wide range of emotions different people were experiencing at the same time in the same place.

Dreaming of a flatbed

I wish the lighting in the airport was a bit brighter though, so I could use a lower ISO and a faster shutter speed, a lot of times I felt I was really straining at the limit of usability.

Looks like he is ready for the next flight out of here

A tip for anyone arriving at Suwannabhumi airport for the first time and are looking to get to their accommodation in town. Apart from getting a free ride from your friend, your best bet is to take the local taxis. There should be signs guiding you to the local taxi rank just outside the terminal where there are always plenty of taxis waiting. Not only is it the most convenient way but it is also probably the cheapest way, even during rush hour the journey into town should cost no more than 200 Bath (about $6.50). Just ignore people trying to offer you limousine services or private taxis. Also unless the accommodation you booked specifically say that it is next to the underground or skytrain, do not take the Airport link (the airport train service that links to the underground and skytrain), since you will probably need to take a taxi anyway from the nearest station to your accommodation.

A familiar sight at airports around the world

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