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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sometimes I miss my a100 HDR with 35mm f1.4 Minolta

35mm f1.4 Minolta Sample Photo (please click on image to view full size)

Saying that I miss my Sony a100 will probably have most people thinking that it is no longer with me, but in fact it is sitting right next to me on a shelf in my room and I could use it anytime I want. But for me to use it now over the a900 or a55 would be an exercise in nostalgia, not of practicality or the desire to capture the best shot possible. Not that the a100 couldn't take great shots, it could, it just can't compete with the features or performance of cameras today, especially it's high iso performance which was bad even for it's day. But maybe it is that lack of features that makes the a100 such an enjoyable experience to use. It gives it an almost "primitive" feel, maybe this is what it feels like for Leica users.   

Hmm...maybe it's time to take the a100 down from the shelf for a little dose of nostalgia.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

CZ 16-35mm f2.8 Sample Photos Walkabout Lens Around Japan Part 9 Hidden Nature

Walked in on this beautiful tree planted in a tiny but perfectly kept Japanese garden crammed into the side of a small alleyway. At first everything looked so perfect that my first reaction was that these must be plastic plants, upon further inspection however, I was happy to find that is not the case. I wonder who is responsible for the upkeep of this little gem, wish I could give them my compliments.