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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sony a900 & Sony 28-75mm f2.8 Test : A Shot In The Dark

I find myself wondering the deserted streets of Bangkok in the dead of night with my tripod on one shoulder and my camera on the other. I wonder how I ended up here, oh I remember, it was the sense of boredom that overwhelmed me one night, urging me to go out for a walk. I thought I might as well take my camera gear in case I come across something interesting.
Within the first few minutes of my walk I began to have second thoughts, of bringing along the heavy gears, and of going on the walk in the first place. Its one thing thinking about going for a walk in my air-conditioned room, and another thing actually doing it in 36 degrees (Celsius) heat and like 120% humidity.

Drenched in sweat I pushed on hoping to at least find something interesting to such luck. Exhausted, I started heading back, depressed at my total failure.

On the return journey though I spotted this new recently built building in one of the back streets. I see buildings with this sort of design quite often in the newer parts of London, but this is probably the first of its kind I have seen in Bangkok. "Might as well try and salvage something from this trip" I thought to myself.
As I was setting up for the shot across the street from the building I remember thinking "it is awfully dark here". This could pose some problems for the shot. The first that came to mind had nothing to do with taking the shot at all. I wondered what lurked in the shadows around these deserted backstreets. All these equipments are sure to be putting a hugh glowing dollar sign above my head, and I don't think it would be very hard for someone to put a heavy object to my head while I was looking through the viewfinder and concentrating on my shot..."Stop nitpicking" I told myself.

The second problem is how hard it was to compose the shots. It was so dark I could hardly see through the viewfinder, and the perspiration on my face was fogging up the viewfinder making things even worst. The angle of the shots was also set with the camera very close to the ground pointing at an upward angle, since the camera I was using did not have one of those flip out screens I had to almost lie on the ground to look through the viewfinder. "Stop nitpicking" I told myself again, but really it was like taking A Shot In The Dark (excuse the pun).

After several attempts, with each taking a really long time due to long exposure times and having to look around for any potential threats between shots, whether of the normal or paranormal kind. Here are the final results

amazing how a few minutes of exposure can brighten things up


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