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Friday, May 6, 2011

The best time of day to take photos in Thailand

As a holiday destination famous for it's sunshine and year round Summer, you would think that Thailand would be a great place for taking outdoor photographs using natural light...well it is, just not all of the time. Apart from getting lots of sunlight all year round, Thailand is also in the Tropics and this makes the air very humid.

Arr...the dreaded haze

As a result during most of the day (except maybe a few weeks during the Winter time) there will be a kind of "haze" in the air. This "haze" is especially bad around Bangkok and the other major cities in Thailand, because the high level of dust and pollution further compounds the problem. This can be really annoying when you are trying to take landscape photographs, or when you are taking photos outdoor using high levels of magnification. I recently really felt the difference when on a trip to Japan where the air was crystal clear all day long. So should you abandon trying to take landscape photos in Thailand altogether? Not quite. There are times during the day when this "haze" affect is at a minimum. 

The first is early in the morning, just after sunrise till about 9 to 10 am, before the Sun has the chance to vaporize every last drop of moisture into water vapor. The second is in the evening, from about 4.30 pm onwards until sunset, when the day is cooler and less humid. There are also some other times when the "haze" is lessen like just after it has rained, or some days during the Winter when the days are cooler (cooler meaning about 27 degrees C).

So if you are planning a photo trip and you want the best chance possible of getting a good light for your shots, then you might want to take these factors into consideration.

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