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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sony a100 & Minolta 35mm f1.4 G Test : Just Chilling in Thailand's Rainforest

Snail's Pace...just a bit faster than this blog

Just thought I would start off the blog with a fitting representation. Considering it took me three days after setting up the blog just to put up the first entry, snail's pace is exactly the pace this blog is going.

Anyway let's talk a little about our handsome specimen before he starts sulking (at least I assume it's a he). Was just strolling along in the rainforest one day (as you do here in Thailand) when I caught this guy crawling up a large tree towards the canopy. Being under the rainforest the lighting was pretty poor and seeing that my Sony A100 DSLR was basically useless at high ISO, I had to shoot with the lens wide open. As you can probably tell the plane of focus is very thin and some parts of the photos that should have been in focus are not, still better having loads of noise everywhere I suppose and I didn't want to use the popup flash either.

Let's give him some color

Having processed the photo though I still couldn't decide whether I like the more vibrant colors of his shell, or the more "raw" look.

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