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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bangkok New Year's Eve : Sony a55 Tamron 17-50mm f2.8

After the previous post that I talked about the picture I took of the Rama VI monument in the first hours of the New Year. Some people have asked about the photos that I mentioned I was taking before, on New Year's Eve of 2010.

So I have decided to put some of the photos in this post. Before continuing any further I must give you a quick warning,

people with allergies to heavily processed HDR photography should leave the post immediately, excess consumption can be fatal

Although I like HDR, I am usually not a fan of heavy handed HDR processing. In this particular case though I thought it represented what I was trying to capture more accurately than if I had processed the photos normally. I was trying to capture a very vibrant and colorful atmosphere of New Year's Eve in Bangkok. The city actually blocked off one of it's main road and created a walking street, with lights put up all along it. Shops and hotels on both sides also do their part in creating beautiful decorations. It really feels like everyone in Bangkok have converged on the center of the city, and are having one big party.

front courtyard of the Amarin department store in central Bangkok

I really like all the little details in the large print of the picture above, sadly they are not possible to see on the monitor.

a zoomed in portion of the above photo, so you could see some of the details I was talking about

For each photo I used three different exposures with the shutter speed ranging from about 1 to 15 seconds. I was really surprised and happy with how the moving parts of the photographs came out. I loved how the shots was clear enough to be able to clearly capture the form of the people in the scene, but blurry enough so that you can't really make out individual faces.

view from the Skywalk showing part of the walking street in Bangkok

I usually feel very self-conscious walking around with a DSLR attached to a large tripod, and am always too embarrassed to do it in busy public places. So I was hesitant at first, but luckily tonight there are loads of photographers around, most with bigger cameras and even bigger tripods :).

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