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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sony a900 & Minolta 200mm f2.8 APO Test : The proper etiquette when taking photos in Thailand

So maybe you have heard some stories about how in parts of China, or with the older generations in China, people find having their photographs taken offensive (apparently some believe that the camera sucks the soul out of their bodies or something like that). Well I am happy to say that there are no superstitions or traditions like that in Thailand. Nevertheless you should still observe the proper etiquette and behave in good manner when photographing people, as you should anywhere in the world.

So that's a NO then?

Before going up and taking pictures of someone maybe give them a small gesture (no I don't mean giving them money :) ), a smile and a nod will do. Seeing the camera in your hands they should get the idea. If anything most Thais are really friendly towards photographers. They will usually smile or even pose for you. So if you are going for the authentic "Life" or "Street" photo look you might want to use a longer lens and take your photo from further away. It is very unlikely that they will act naturally with you trying to get a close up shot of them with a 24mm lens attached to a full frame DSLR. 

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