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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sony a100 & Minolta 35mm f1.4 G Test : Always The Wrong Lens

So I put on my camouflage gear. Smear my body with mud to cover my scent. Grab a flash and attach my favorite macro lens to the camera. Going out into the garden with the Sun shinning I am today determine to get some macro shots of specimens around the garden, and I find...nothing, not even a single insect. For some reason everything that can move have decided that today is a good day to go on holiday to the beach. Typical, maybe once a year I will feel like doing some macro photography and this happens.

So I am sitting in the garden a few days later, swatting hundreds of mosquitoes mistaking my blood for tropical fruit juice. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eyes I see something. I turn to see a lizard staring right back at me. This reminds me about the failed macro photo session a few days earlier. Luckily I have my camera close by, sadly however, attach to it is a 35mm lens. my luck. I turn back to see the lizard smirking at me, I am sure I see a smile on his face.

Me: "What are you smiling at huh?"
Lizard: No response...
Me: "Oh you think this is funny do you?"
Lizard: No response......
Me: "You think I can't take a picture of you?"
Lizard: No response.........
Me: "Right that's it"

I said angrily grabbing my camera, madly snapping away at the lizard

Who are you smirking at?

The photo you see above is the result from my ensuing rage. I think I will call it a "Fake Macro". The final photo was cropped from the original at almost 100%

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