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Friday, November 8, 2013

Asiatique The Riverfront Bangkok with Carl Zeiss 35mm f2 M-Mount with Canon EOS M

ISO 2000 f2

Took a nice trip to the riverfront at Asiatique in Bangkok the other day to test out how well the combo of the Carl Zeiss f35mm f2 Biogon and Canon EOS M will perform at night, which is the time I always seem to find myself shooting.

ISO 400 f2
Since it was so dark I shot everything at f2 and I am actually really happy with the results.

ISO 3200 f2
I just love how small and light the camera and lens was to carry around, if it has an EVF I think I would love it even more though.

ISO 4000 f2
The ISO performance of this camera is pretty good I must say even though it is using the same sensor as for the 7D, combine that with this lens and it is great for taking it out for a casual stroll at night for some street photography.

ISO 5000 f2

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