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Monday, November 18, 2013

Floating Market Bangkok Thailand - Canon EOS M with Carl Zeiss 35mm f2 Biogon

When to a floating market near my house the other day and of course I took along the Canon EOS M with the Carl Zeiss 35mm f2 Biogon attached.

There seems to be a number of floating markets popping up around Bangkok these days. These are not "authentic" markets that have been around for a long time though, rather they are "recreations" designed as attractions for local Thai tourists and visitors.

Nevertheless this particular market was really well created and really does feel "right" and I am sure most people who visit will have a good time enjoying the atmosphere and plenty of delicious foods on offer.

Arrr...such a relaxed life.

100% crop click on the photo then right click and select "view image" for full sized

I have said before that manual focusing accurately with the Canon EOS M is not the easiest task in the world and often when you look at the images in the computer afterwards at 100% you will find that your focus was slightly off. When you do get focus right though, the result can be quite amazing with the Carl Zeiss Biogon lens, dare I say as well as on a Leica M9?

The same pig a few minutes later (just kidding).

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