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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Carl Zeiss M Mount 35mm f2 Biogon with Canon EOS M Test

I know the Canon EOS M has been out for quite a while, but recently the camera has been selling for as little as 50% of its original price and that makes it one of the cheapest as well as smallest mirrorless camera body out there. Having several M Mount lens lying around I have always thought about getting a mirrorless system with an adapter to use with them, and this just presented an irresistible opportunity. Reading several reviews it seem that the main gripe with the Canon EOS M is its slow focus speed, since I will be using manual focusing lens anyways this does not present a problem. So having bought it I will not be slowly using it and testing it with several M Mount lens over the next period to see what kind of results it produce.

The first lens I will be using is the Carl Zeiss 35mm f2 Biogon. First of I got to say that manual focusing with this camera is not that easy especially for moving subjects, which to be honest is almost impossible. Unlike the Sony NEX there is no focus peaking, all you can do is look at the image on the LED screen at the back of the camera and try to get it in focus, you can zoom in 5 or 10 times and focus to make sure that you really nailed it but trying to do that for a moving subject is really difficult because you then have to zoom back out and compose the frame before taking the shot. Not only that but in bright sunlight the LED screen becomes really hard to see which makes thing even more difficult that they already are.

Manual focusing issues aside I am quite pleased with the results I am getting with the Carl Zeiss 35mm f2 so far. It is still early days however since I have only had the chance to use it a few times so I will be posting more photos as I get to use it more. I will also be posting photos from other M Mount lens that I have when I get a chance to use them.


  1. Those are great photos. What brand of adapter you are using? and do you have to do a special set up on the EOS M once you have the Zeiss attached?

  2. Thank you very much, no you do not need to do any special setup it just works straight away. Sadly I do not have the adapter anymore otherwise I would look up the brand for you. Sorry about that :(

  3. That's okay, i found one already on a local store. Saw a video on Youtube where this guy puts a vintage Canon FD lens on his EOS M, he had to go to 'custom function no. 7 : release shutter without lens' and enabled it. Good to know it work automatically on this one, thanks again for your answer :)

  4. I see, I guess it depends what kind of adapter you use. On some adapters the camera will not detect that there is a lens attached at all. In that case you will probably need to allow the camera to release the shutter with the option in the menu.

    But of course I am sure you know all this already after your research :)