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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sony RX100 Sample Photos and Tests

I haven't used a compact styled camera in a long long time. Five or six years ago when I took photos just to record memories, I used to use them exclusively. But later when I started to get more into photography, and had a taste of what dslrs can do, I just never looked back. I just found compacts quite limiting, with slow focus, slow shutter response and no RAW mode. From what I have been hearing on the interweb though, is that Sony has changed all that with the new RX100. 
is it a DSLR in a compact's body?
It is supposed to be a compact camera designed for dslr users. With the portability of a compact, yet with a sensor large enough to offer image quality comparable to a dslr.

Personally I am waiting (and saving) for Sony's new full frame line up, which is suppose to come out sometime this century, but I still couldn't help to wonder if this camera really is the holy grail many of us has been hoping for and never expected to get. So when recently one of my friend bought the RX100, I kindly asked (threaten) him if I could "borrow" it to test it out. I just didn't say how long :)... don't worry he is one of those people who loves to buy gadgets but never gets around to actually using them, so he wouldn't even miss it...I hope.
Anyways, now that I have the camera in my hand I will try and put up sample photos, tests and how I feel about the camera in this post for anyone else who might be interested in buying it.
My first impression of the RX100 is that it really is designed for dslr users, especially if you have used Sony's dslrs or slts you will be right at home. I was also very pleased to find that the "shutter lag", which is one of the thing I hate most about compacts, is non-existent.

Oups...straight away when trying to open my RAW files I realized that Adobe Camera Raw does not yet support the RX100 RAW files, so the fist thing you might want to do is to download the Sony data image converter version 4.1  

Here is an ISO test I did for the Sony RX100 the results really exceeded my expectations.

Here is a test comparing the ISO noise performance of the RAW files, JPEG files and Multi Frame Noise Reduction Files of the RX100  

An unintended Macro Photography Session with the RX100 

Some Random Image Samples I have taken with the camera

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