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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Man vs Nature with Carl Zeiss 16-35mm f2.8 and a900

Man vs Nature

About a year ago, I took a few days to escape the hectic city of Bangkok to the relative calm of the countryside. While I was taking a short hike on a nearby hill to where I was staying, I came across this scene that I thought perfectly summed up the current balance between Man and Nature in the world.

At first glance it seemed just like yet another example of the destruction of nature by humans, a hillside along with the trees on it being carved out to make way for a local road. From the angle I was standing however, the small remaining mound of rock and trees was casting a very interesting shadow on the bare hillside.

The shadow looked like some sort of creature or deity of nature squaring up against the bulldozer representing the destructive force of man. It's kind of like the current state of the world, with first man's constant destruction of nature creating an imbalance in the climate which in turn is coming back to hurt man, like a constant struggle for balance.

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