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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sony RX100 Macro Wildlife

Macro photography is something I am completely useless at, not that I am any good at any other type of photography, I am just extra bad at Macro. When I saw this...thing...jumped onto my friend though, I just couldn't resist testing out the Sony RX100 that I happened to have on me.

hold still will ya?

I have heard that it could take macro shots as close as 5 cm to the subject. So I quickly whipped out the camera and fired off a few shots before the "thing" flew away. With it being night I had no choice but to use the dreaded popup flash, and so I wasn't really expecting anything. When I checked out the photos on my computer today though I was pleasantly surprised.

Certainly the RX100 is no match for a DSLR with a macro lens, which can "zoom in" much further, but the 20 Megapixels really help it in this situation. You can "zoom in" post process and crop away quite a lot and still be left with plenty of resolution. Another benefit of the smaller RX100 (and most compact cameras) is that it's popup flash give better results than popup flashes on most DSLRs. Overall I have got to say that the macro shots from the RX100 is nothing to be written off, especially for a compact. 

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