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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sony RX100 Random Image Samples

In this blog post I will be putting up random image samples I have taken with the Sony RX100. The photos are not design to be any kind of test of the camera's abilities, but just for those interested to see some of the images produced by the RX100. I will try to keep updating as I take more pictures with the camera.

Cow Dolls Sony RX100 iso 3200 f4.9 100mm
Crispy Sushi Sony RX100 iso 200 f3.2 28mm
Cemetery Sony RX100 iso 125 f6.3 28mm
Ice Rink Sony RX100 iso 640 f6.3 28mm

Chandelier Sony RX100 iso 2500 f3.5 59mm
Multi-Colored TV Sony RX100 iso 1600 f4.9 100mm
Raining Flowers Sony RX100 iso 125 f5.6 28mm

Part 2 Here

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