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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CZ 16-35mm f2.8 Sample Photos Walkabout Lens Around Japan Part 5 Teppanyaki

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Everyone has probably heard of "Teppanyaki" a Japanese cooking method using a hot counter surface to prepare meals. When people think of Teppanyaki they might visualize the cook doing lots of juggling and tricks with the food as popularize by many such restaurants that have opened up outside of Japan. What I found with such places inside Japan however, is a very different type of atmosphere.

In Japan these places feel much more traditional, the cooking techniques are much simpler, more precise and meticulous, you can feel the dedication from the chefs that must have trained for years just to be allowed to work the counter. Another thing that I can't help noticing is their dedication to cleanliness. I am always amaze at how perfectly spotless and polished the stainless steel counter tops are, I am starting to wonder if they replace the counters after every meal. 

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The heat from that fireball is cooking me as well as the food.

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