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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lego Art Sculptures Exhibition at ArtScience Museum Singapore by Nathan Sawaya : Sony a99 Carl Zeiss 16-35 mm

Just before going to Singapore I had seen a television program on Nathan Sawaya, a lawyer turned Lego artist. The program talked about how he got into making art with Lego, his work process and showed off many of his works, which I found absolutely amazing. So I was very surprised and happy when I found out that he was having an exhibition of his work at the ArtScience museum in Singapore, just around the corner from where I was staying at the Marina Bay Sands, so of course I went to check it out.

The exhibition is appropriately named The Art Of The Brick and it has been so popular that it has been extended to the 26th May 2013. Having seen the exhibit this is not surprising at all, all of his scuptures are extremely beautiful, they are truly works of art and you feel as though you are admiring marble sculptures of the greats from ancient Rome.

The sculptures are also brilliantly displayed, lots of credits must especially go to whoever did the lighting. Although it was a bit dark for taking photos (at least ISO 3200), it really created an amazing atmosphere. So I guess it was a good thing I got the a99 before this trip, as I don't think my old a900 would have coped.

And I thought Lego would sink like a "brick" (get it...haha...emm...sorry).

One large peace sign made up of lots of Lego pieces (sorry for another horrible pun).

I wouldn't want to take a bite out of these apples.

It's John Lennon in case anyone's wondering.

This Roman temple is not made of marble or granite but Lego bricks.

Not sure if you can tell from the photo but the scale of this T-Rex is really impressive, it is actually about three times the height of a person. It actually reminded me of when I had the chance to visit the Natural History Museum in London and there was a large T-Rex fossil on display in the main hall.

A model of the ArtScience museum where the exhibition is housed.

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