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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

View From Marina Bay Sands Singapore Observation Deck : Sony a99 Carl Zeiss 16-35mm

These days when thinking of Singapore, one of the first images that enters your mind is sure to be the three towers of the Marina Bay Sands and of course the sky pool/observation deck. The SkyPark (that big long thing on top of the hotel) is divided into two zones, the pool area which takes up about 75% of the space, and a smaller observation deck area. The pool area is reserved for hotel guests only, while the observation deck can be visited by anyone, for a price. If you are not staying at the hotel you will have to buy a ticket, which cost $20. You can also visit the pool area if you take the guided tour, although this will also cost you extra.

So is it worth a visit? I would say that while it is not a must, if you have time and it happens to be a nice sunny day, walking around high up in the sky taking in the spectacular view of Singapore's skyline is definitely worth it. I wouldn't bother taking the guided tour to see the pool though. I was lucky enough to be staying at the Marina Bay Sands but I must say that I was quite disappointed with the swimming pool area. Even though the pool is 150 meters long, it is not very wide and somehow feels really small, the main problem though is that it is always so crowded. You might find it hard to actually "swim" in the swimming pool without hitting someone every few meters, the best you can hope for is to find enough clear water to bathe in...reminds me more of the kind of pool you find on a budget holiday than a five star hotel.

The observation deck on the other hand is much less crowded for some reason, not sure if it was just for the day I was there, but there was harly a soul there and I had all the amazing views to myself.

The two domes you see above are the Gardens by the Bay, another new landmark created during the recent boom in construction projects transforming the bay area in Singapore. Visiting the Gardens I feel is a must, and I will be sharing photos of my visit in a future post (you can see the photos of the Gardens by the Bay here).

The Singapore Flyer, sadly I didn't have time to go for a ride...maybe next time.

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